"What Happened to All the Character Profiles You Guys Used to Have?"

We've gotten many requests for the old profiles; clearly those profiles are a huge factor in drawing people to the site. They have not disappeared. They are being converted to a new format. If you click on the menu above, and look at some of the new profiles, that is what we hope to do for ALL of the old profiles. However, due to the cost of maintaining the site, paying to have those profiles converted over is financially unfeasible, so we're hoping to get some volunteers to create new character profiles in our system from the old character profiles. If you'd like to volunteer, please head over to the contact page, and give us a shout.

In the meantime, here are the old Classic Marvel Forever Character Profiles.

From there, you may use the old navigation menu to browse all the profiles.

Thanks for your continued support of ClassicMarvelForever.com. We hope to have many more great changes coming! If you aren't a forum member, check it out! We've got a great community here, and even a real-time chat room.