New Advancement Rules

by Jason Cutcher

F.A.S.E.R.I.P Stat Increase

The primary abilities can only be increased in increments of 5 points. The cost for each increase is 1000 karma points, and a post explaining what your character has been doing in their personal time to explain the jump. For characters that have ability scores not divisible by 5, 200 karma points must be spent for each point increase to get to a multiple of before further advancement continues. Explanations for increase can be as simple as an increased regimen of training as the She Hulk did when she joined the Fantastic Four (she used the Things old weights and was able to boost her strength to his level)or as complex as an alien abduction/experimentation unleashing untapped mutagenic factors.

Power Rank Increase: Again, Powers will be increased in increments of 5. The cost of each increase is 2000 karma points, plus a post explaining the increase in power potential. An increase above Unearthly is subject to my approval and a limitation.

Resource Increase

Resource level can be raised in increments of 5, costing 500 karma points per increase. The Judge will set up a way to explain increased revenue with suggestions from the player. Keep in mind that a good idea in the Marvel Multiverse isn't always guaranteed to win big bucks, and any advance to a new resource level is subject to GM approval.


Many avenues exist for increasing Popularity of a character. The easiest is to write posts wherein the character is seen doing good deeds and charity. Karma may not be spent to increase Popularity, rather popularity can be used to increase karma by using hero status to help the misfortunate. Keep in mind that popularity can be lost easily as well. Being framed for a crime you did not commit is always a popular example. A different kind of Popularity is the kind one hold with their established contacts, this pop rank is often higher than actual popularity and can be further increased by spending 500 karma, and roleplaying with the GM (GM as the contact), or by writing a post in which relations are somehow improved. Actions performed by a character that are contrary to the interests of contacts can adversely effect the relation despite spent karma.


This is basically the same as the book. A talent learned from an NPC (non player character under the GM's control) will cost 1000 karma. A talent learned from a PC (player character) will cost 2000. The difference is that learning from a NPC gets the character interacting with the Marvel Universe around them and promotes greater gameplay and new possibilities for adventure. The Player is encouraged to announce they are attempting to learn the talent well in advance of spending karma and to roleplay time spent practicing the skill.

New Powers

Additional Powers cost 4000 karma plus 1000 for every increment of 5. All powers are subject to GM approval and will require a post and roleplaying to develop and explain. Use of limitations can be used to waive some of the power cost, judged on a case by case basis.


New contacts can be added without spending karma by lengthy roleplay and posting of stories, however the process can be sped up by spending 500 karma and naming a contact.