The Legacy Virus

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The Legacy Virus

While research into this deadly virus is relentlessly being pursued by renown scientists like Moira McTaggert, Hank McCoy, Rory Campbell and Nathaniel Essex (Mr.Sinister) the cure still doesn't seem to be within their grasp. While the victim count keeps rising every attempt to stop it has been in vain. The Virus created by the enigmatic Cable clone and adoptive son of Apocalypse, Stryfe, is a construct of a genius who was literally way ahead of his time.

Game Effects:

The Legacy virus directly targets a mutants DNA by using the mutant variant in the genetic code as the access point. Until recently it was thought that only mutants were the victim but it has been revealed that the virus has mutated and is now able to spread to the human populace as well. The only known human inflicted so far is Dr.Moira McTaggert so it is not known if her condition is only due to her being the mother of a mutant and a close associate to several other mutants, it seems that there is only a very small chance (I suggest a 1 in 100000 chance) for a human to be inflicted but this number will probably rise due to the virus' mutation.

If the Judge wants to add the Legacy Virus in his campaign he should let the characters inflicted be able to find a cure somehow but only after lots of campaigns, if he wants to keep the chance of infection random he should roll for each mutant once every month. If he rolls 01, 02 or 03 the mutant is inflicted if he then fails an green End.FEAT.

The rate of the breaking up of the DNA sequence is different for each mutant (roll on the following table):

Legacy Virus Time Table
Die RollTime between StagesStageDescription
01-10 1 day 1 early stage, no noticeable effect
11-20 1 week 2 identifiable as Legacy Virus, slight weakness
21-75 1 month 3 weakened power control
76-98 3 months 4 apparent weakness, difficult to control powers
99-00 Varies 5 Final stage: death within 1 month

Whenever the Virus rises to a new stage the mutants Endurance will drop by 1 point (not rank) if he fails to make a Red Endurance FEAT, 2 when he fails to make a Yellow Endurance FEAT and 3 when he fails to make a Green one, the character slowly starts feeling sick and weak having a -1CS on all stats for every 2 columns shifts to Endurance he has lost. (minimum Fe). As soon as his Endurance reaches Fe he can no longer function and he must be admitted to medical facilities. When the Endurance reaches 0 the character dies.

If the character is treated by specialists (X-Mansion, Muir Island, Mr.Sinister or anyone the Judge sees fit) he need only make a Yellow FEAT to avoid loss of Endurance, a White roll means he loses 2 points.

Every time the character uses his powers he must make an additional check to see if he loses Endurance, characters with powers that are always active must make an additional check each day.

Because the Virus attacks the DNA which houses the character's mutant powers for each point decrease in Endurance the character's powers increase by 1 point (all of them). However, it becomes increasingly difficult for the character to control his powers, every time he uses his powers he must make a Psyche FEAT (at another -1CS for every lost Endurance rank with a minimum of Sh-0) or his powers go wild (the exact effects are up to the Judge, for characters with energy emission powers the most probable result is a full power blast that inflicts an entire area). When the character has reached Pr Endurance he can no longer control his powers and they can activate at any moment.

Finally every stage increase will be accompanied by a spreading rash on the character's skin.

At the characters death all his powers will go off at once at maximum effect.

Until now a sole exception to this scenario seems to be the mutant and former Weapon X subject Maverick, one of the stages of his decease triggered the return of his long lost powers and even increased them, he is now back to full health and ability although the Virus still slumbers in his body waiting to resurface.

List of Victims:

The list is probably not complete, some cases are still pure speculation.

Legacy Virus Casualty Chart
List of VictimsCurrent Status
Illyana Rasputin (Magik) Deceased: possibly this was a alternate Illyana or an alternate Illyana could still return from Limbo.
Jamie Madrox Deceased: revealed to be one of his dupes.
Infectia Deceased
Mastermind Deceased
Revanche Deceased
Chris Bradley Protégé of Maverick, infected, Stage 3
Maverick infected although the virus has gone into remission
Moira McTaggert Stage 4, possibly only a few months to live
Mr.Sinister Possibly, although effects do seem to be extremely slow
Pyro Stage 5
Aminedi Iraqi military agent, Deceased
Absalom External, killed by Selene
Nicodemus External, Deceased
Burke External, Deceased
Psynapse Inhuman/mutant, killed by other Dark Riders
Gordon, Lefferts 1st victim, scientist working for Sinister, deceased
Abyss Member of the mutant underground, stage 2
Mutate 24601 Deceased, various other mutates are also infected/deceased

Short History:

Portions of this page taken from the Legacy Virus Casualty List By Bernard R. Assaf.

The Legacy Virus was created by Stryfe, the former leader of the Mutant Liberation Front and clone of Cable from the same era. It was to be his final revenge on mutant-kind after his defeat during the X-Cutioner's Song Saga. Stryfe gave a canister containing the virus to Mr.Sinister, who believed it contained the long-awaited Summer's DNA.

The first recorded victim was Illyana Rasputin shortly thereafter followed by Madrox and Mastermind. Although frantically working on a cure, Dr. McTaggert, Beast and Mr.Sinister all didn't seem to be able to find the means to stop the virus. And now Dr.McTaggert has become the first human victim herself.

It is believed the Cable somehow has the key to the virus or else that the Android Zero contained the information which he uploaded into Excalibur's Douglock unknown to Douglock himself.

Meanwhile KingPin, Sebastian Shaw and many others have thrown themselves in the race to find a cure all for very different reasons. Others seek out Legacy Victims for even other reasons, such as Empyrean, who has an island-rufugee for those infected by the Virus.