Electronic Shackle

This small metal band is covered with electronic circutry. When placed around a characters wrist, the pain shackle prevents the focussing or use of nautral powers, by intense impulses fired directly into the nerves. The character must attempt and incredible psyche FEAT roll to overcome the pain and use the power. If missed the character surrenders to the pain and must stop trying to use his power.

Force Cage

It consists of a round metal pedestal and a separate control panel. When the captive is placed in the pedestal, and the switches on the control panel are thrown, shimmering bars of force spring into existance, forming a sphere around the prisoner.

Forges Neutralizer

This hand held device is in the shape of a hand gun. When it strikes a mutant character, it strips him od some or all of his powers, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the setting. The gun can be set for a removal time of 1-10 rounds, 1-10 hours, 1-10 weeks, 1-10 months or permanently.

Immobilizer Harness

Made of an Unearthly material, this harness was designed to hold the Hulk upright and automatically emits a Monstrous stunning shock when he tries to break out. One defect is that it is incapable of altering its size and is unable to hold the Hulk when he reverts to Bruce Banner.

Inhibitor Bands

Inhibitor Bands weaken the natural abilities of mutants and altered humans. The wearer suffers a -5CS penalty on all physical abilities and a -7CS penalty on all power ranks. Talents and mental abilities (not powers) remain unchanged. No ability or power rank can drop below Feeble. The bands have no effect on magical or technological powers.

Inhibitor Field Generators

These generators come in packages of four. They can cover up to 1 area in a field bound in four corners by the generators. The generators are each the size of a football, are easily camouflaged, and are activated by remote. The normal intensity of the field generated is Remarkable (all superhuman abilities excluding magic, and all superhuman attributes are reduced by 30 pts.) but they can be purchased in intensities up to Amazing. The generators are within the field when activated so are not vulnerable as much to mutant powers (standard munitions will still destroy them though - each has 40 Health). The field effect will last 8 hours before the generators need recharging.


This cage is designed to reduce a character's natural abilities and powers, weakening him from escaping. A neutro-chamber looks like a rectangular glass and steel reinforced tank, just large enough for a tall character to stand comfortably.

A separate panel controls the cage's functions:


This yoke-shaped device emits a low-frequency wave which neutralizes brain activity with Amazing ability. The being neutralized must first be subdued and placed into the yoke.



These are conventional handcuffs of the type carried by police officers. They are available in two types:

Full Body Restraints

As above, but are designed to render a subject totally immobile. The ones made of true admantium can even hold the Hulk captive, no matter how angry he gets.