Universal Combat FEAT Results

FEATCombatGrabGrappleEvasion - DodgeBlock - ParryCatching
White Graze Miss Take No No Miss
Green Hit Take Partial Evade Block Damage
Yellow Bullseye Grab Hold Dodge Parry Catch
Red Critical Contingent Contingent Contingent Contingent Contingent
Combat is all armed, unarmed, ranged attacks.
White The attack grazed your target. -3CS to damage.*
Green The attack has struck a non - vital part of the target. - 1CS to damage.*
Yellow The attack has struck center mass, or main body. the full effect of the attack is felt by the target.  Full damage.*
Red The attack is critical, and/or has struck a vital area to the target. +1CS to damage.*

* This column shift damage method is based on one of Firebomb's House Rules, modified slightly.

Directed at a weapon, Object, Item, etc.
White Miss. It remains in the targets possession or it remains in it's original location.
Green The character has a hold of the item,  A strength check is done vs. the targets Strength as intensity.
Yellow The character has successfully grabbed the item.
Red The character has not only grabbed the item but has a free action.
Directed at opponents, Living targets, Animated Targets, etc.
White Take: The character has successfully put his/her hands on the target. You better have more actions or win Initiative!!
Green Partial: The character has a partial hold of the target.
Yellow Hold: The character has a secure lock /hold on the target. Depending on the hold it may cause damage. 
Red The character has masterfully grappled with the target he now has a free action to deliver a finishing action.
Evasion - Dodge:
This is the most important defensive action.
White The character has failed his attempt to get out of harms way! If the opponent hits, the character suffers +1CS to damage.
Green The character was only able to side - step the attack, This is only effective against close combat attacks. Not against ranged combat attacks. 
Yellow The character has either side - stepped the attack (close combat) or leaped out of harms way (ranged combat)
Red The character has tactically avoided the attack and has a free action.
Block - Parry:
White The character has failed to either block or parry an attack. If the opponent hits, the character suffers +1 CS to damage.
Green The character is able to block and incoming attack. The GM must consider if any Damage, Knock - Back, Slam, Stun, Kill, Death effects also occur.
Yellow The character successfully deflects, swats away , parry's an incoming attack.
Red The character has blocked or parried an incoming threat and now has a free action.
White The character completely misses his target.
Green The character awkwardly catches the intended target and receives Damage. + GM must consider any additional effects such as: Knock Back, Slam, Stun, etc.
Yellow The character gracefully catches the intended target without problems.
Red The character achieves an awe inspiring catch and has a free action.