The Ultimate Martial Artist

Many thanks go out to Gary Hall, Tormain, Ty States, and Aunt Petunia

Martial Artists have run rampant through the pages of Comic Books, with characters like Iron Fist, Batman, Daredevil and even Captain America practicing and regularly fighting using Martial Arts. Until now the marvel description of such skills are relegated to the fighting attribute and a set of 5 Martial Arts Talents, that can hardly describe the skills shown in some comics.

Most Martial Artists in the Marvel world can be easily explained using the current system. The usual black belt in karate, represented by Martial Arts A, B, C etc. This text isn't about them. This is about the Super Powered Martial Artist. A normal man who through years of training has attained powers that most normal men can only dream of. They have become the best they can be. They have mastered hundreds of attacks, and know a thousand ways to kill a person before they can move.

To create your Martial Artist:

Aliens may also become Martial Artist and should work with the judge to develop an Alien combat technique using the natural abilities of the alien race and the listed maneuvers. Alien abilities are rolled normally but they do not recieve the bonus to Fighting.

The Martial Artist

A martial artist must declare himself such during character creation. This is because a martial artist must follow special rules, different from other heroes, representing the dedication needed to follow the path of warriors.

Firstly, a Martial Artist must train at least 2 hours every day, and at least 8 hours in one day once a week. While most fighters consider fighting villians training, this discipline cuts into their weekly karma gain, giving them half the normal weekly karma gain. Failure to train results in a -1CS per day to martial arts powers to a minimum of Feeble. The martial artist must train 8 hours a day for a week in order to gain 1CS back after losing them in this manner.

Secondly, unless otherwise specified a martial artist uses the edged column when using martial arts powers. This is to represent the sheer deadliness of their style. Martial Artists with powers greater than Remarkable always used the edged column while fighting, unless they fight at a -1CS.

Finally, all super powered martial artists must have a Remarkable or greater fighting. Anything less than this and they lack the skill to use their martial arts abilities. If the initial modified attricute is less than Remarkable raise it to this minimum. If their fighting drops below that point, all martial arts powers are lost until they reach that point again.

Abilities are rolled on Table 1.

Table 1.
                      Fighting Agility Strength Endurance Reason Inituition Psyche
Feeble 01-05 01-10 01-05 01-05 01-05 01-05 01-05
Poor 06-10 11-20 06-25 06-10 06-10 06-10 06-10
Typical 11-20 21-40 26-75 11-40 11-40 11-20 11-20
Good 21-40 41-60 76-95 41-80 41-80 21-40 21-40
Excellent 41-60 61-80 96-00 81-95 81-95 41-60 41-60
Remarkable 61-80 81-95 96-00 96-00 61-80 61-80
Incredible 81-95 96-00 81-95 81-95
Amazing 96-00 96-00 96-00

Martial Arts Powers

Martial Artists have an array of special powers because of the dedication martial artists have in these skills. Powers are rolled on Table 2.

Table 2.
Chi Absorbtion
Combat Sense
Deadly Strike
Focus Energy
Iron Will
Ultimate Skill
Weakness Detection

01-06    Atemi: This is the ancient art of using hidden points on the body of others to help or hurt them. Some practitioners of this use their fingers, others needles or sticks. However it is used, it is one of the most powerful martial arts techniques available. The following is a partial listing of some power stunts that may be developed using pressure points.

07-15    Chi: channel the body's energy to heal and perform special attacks. The PC can draw on the invisible force of the mind and body called Chi. He can utilize this force to accomplish a variety of Power stunts:

16-25    Chi Absorbtion: This power is one of the most dreaded powers to martial artists, as a successful touch drains off their vaunted skill for a short time, while increasing the power of the opponent. This attack takes the form of a strike to the shoulder of the opponent. Upon hitting the attacker makes an contested check vs Endurance to see if the opponent can withstand his power. Success reduces the opponents Fighting by one and increases one Martial Arts Power of the PC by +1 for 1-10 rounds.

26-38    Combat Sense: This power heightens the senses of the PC during times of battle, letting reflexes respond almost as fast as the signals get to the brain. The PC has to choose one of three ways this power works... 1 melee attack per round, in addition to multiple attacks, etc. 1 distance attack per round, in addition to normal attacks 1 dodge per round, in addition to any other actions.

39-47    Deadly Strike: Deadly strike may be used by a martial artist against a human or humanoid oppponent. All attacks made by the martial artist using deadly strike do damage equal to the power rank instead of strength. The power rank for this power must be a least one rank higher than the character's strength. Practitioners of deadly strike may develop several power stunts using this power, including use against non-human opponents, heavily armored opponents, and use of the edged table when calculating attack results.

48-56    Focus Energy: This power allows the Martial Artist to focus their power into one of their physical attributes. Upon creating this power the practitioner must choose which attribute they wish to focus their power into. Activating this power takes one round. When activated, the fighter rolls a power check, with a green result being a +1CS, yellow +2CS and red +3CS. Failure means the power may not be activated for 5 more rounds. Power stunts may be developed to pump the energy into other attributes.

57-63    Hyper-Attack: The PC has an extreme ability to perform a variety of nearly impossible Fighting and Agility FEATS in one round. The PC can perform FEATS while in combat of a Power rank equal to the rank number of his Fighting or Agility rank number added to the rank of this power +1CS. The user may choose to combine his attacks into one attack instead of making several normal attacks. If he does so, the attack is consider +1CS to damage for each additional attack.

76-82    Iron Will: Control your body precisely. Ignore wounds and resist the effects of harsh terrain, flames, cold and more. This power absorbs up to a total of power rank damage, if it is released half of the damage is suffered for real.

76-82    Stealth: The ability to move silently and without leaving a trace. Subtract rank from those tacking him.

83-94    Ultimate Skill: The PC has a talent, which he's honed. The Talent is automatically used at Unearthly rank. Talents that may have the Ultimate skill are:

95-00    Weakness Detection: Study an opponent to learn their weaknesses. Characters with this power may ignore body armor up to his ranking in Armor Bypass on a successful power check. The character must first see the target in action for at least one round to find flaws in the protection. Power stunts may be developed to bypass mystical barriers and force fields on a successful red check.

Martial Arts Talents

Some of these rules you will have to adapt to your own rule system. The "belt levels" are a guidelineas not all styles have belts, but this system allows you to see relative skill levels between different styles.

Each Martial Art style costs 250 Karma, or a talent slot to gain. You then possess the basic style that allows a +1CS to fighting when you use this style in combat. Each special maneuver under each style costs an additional 250 Karma or Talent slot to gain and gives whatever bonus the maneuver bestows in addition to the +1CS to fighting. This system adds a new dimension to the game instead of the old system of Martial Arts A to E.

SkillArea of KnowledgeExamplesGame Effects
Martial Arts A Those arts concentrating on utilizing the strength, size, and momentum of an opponent against him. Judo, Nihon Jujitsu, Akido, Shaolin Chin Na, etc. With a successful Skill roll, the PC can ignore any size or strength effects that would normally negatively affect his ability to slam, throw, or avoid the enemy, the degree to which he can ignore these modifiers being directly related to his level of martial arts skill.
Martial Arts B Those arts concentrating on inflicting damage in quick, short bursts. Most schools of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai, Shaolin Hung Gar, etc. The PC gains a specific damage bonus for hand-to-hand combat, directly relative to his level of martial arts skill.
Martial Arts C Those arts concentrating on holds and escapes. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Combat Sambo, Pancrase, etc. The PC gains bonuses both to damage and the ability to hold or break a technique directly related to his level of martial arts skill.
Martial Arts D Those arts concentrating on internal energies (such as chi or ki) and their combat applications. Tai Ch'i Ch'uan, Wing Chun, Sinanju (from the Destroyer novels), etc. The PC is able to ignore certain effects of armor when calculating damage against an opponent provided that he is able to successfully channel his essence into the blow (perhaps a separate roll against Willpower or similar attribute), directly related to his level of martial arts skill.
Martial Arts E Those martial arts concentrating on fakes, range control, and trapping techniques. Concerned with timing and eccentric theories. Pencak Silat, Jeet Kune Do, the Filipino arts in general. A successful evasion of an attack by this PC puts the PC in a more advantageous position to attack; any effect he wishes to generate may then be attempted with a positive bonus directly related to his level of martial arts skill.


Each basic style adds its standard bonuses and is considered the level of "Black Belt" with the special maneuvers adding special bonuses as stated. These levels are further mastery (Dans) in the style of choice. Cross reference the skill with its description under Martial Arts Table.

When selecting a Talent the Martial Artist should define the "style". Each mastery level costs 250 karma points and each maneuver costs a further 250 karma. All maneuvers must be purchased before advancing to the next level of mastery.

A Martial Artist can only learn those maneuvers given to the style as described below. Each maneuver is outlined in detail in Table 3.

Martial Arts A


  1. Meditation, Fall, Choke Hold
  2. Instant Stand, Locking Block
  3. Resist Domination, Hurl, Featherwalk
  4. Balance, Great Throw
  5. Incapacitator, Resuscitation
  6. Hand Parry, Immobilizing
  7. Contortion, Suppressed Desire


  1. Meditation, Feint, Fall
  2. Sweep, Instant Stand, Pain Touch
  3. Leap, Elbow Strike, Choke Hold
  4. Balance, Hurl, Jump Kick, Knee Strike
  5. Snap Kick, Palm, Stunning Touch
  6. Great Throw, Paralyzing Touch
  7. Immovability, Suppressed Desire


  1. Meditation, Resist Domination, Pronefighting, Ear Clap, Crescent Kick, Elbow Strike
  2. Instant Stand, Choke Hold, Pain touch, Headbutt, Knee Strike, Feint, Sweep
  3. Axe Kick, Concentrated Push, Stunning Touch, Double Fist Punch, Hurl, Palm, Balance, Pause
  4. Snap Kick, Double Kick, Paralyzing Touch, Hand Parry, Immovability, Backhand
  5. Incapacitator, Shatter Touch, Sticking Touch, Eagle Claw, Great Throw, Back Kick, Featherwalk, Steel Cloth
  6. Contortion, Resuscitation, Immobilizing, One Finger, Disarm
  7. Summon Strength, Power Punch, Reflection, Great Shield

Martial Arts B


  1. Iron Fist
  2. Feint
  3. Spatial Awareness
  4. Quickstrike
  5. Iron Skin
  6. Speed
  7. Power Punch


  1. Sweep, Iron Fist, Meditation
  2. Roundhouse Kick, Leap, Spatial Awareness
  3. Snap Kick, Elbow Strike, Knee Strike
  4. Double Fist Punch, Jump Kick
  5. Backhand, Flying Kick, Back Kick
  6. Palm, Scissor Kick
  7. Double Kick, Great Throw


  1. Meditation, Iron Fist
  2. Feint, Sweep
  3. Crushing Blow, Crescent Kick
  4. Ridgehand, Snap Kick
  5. Backhand, Axe Kick
  6. Eagle Claw
  7. Immovability


  1. Iron Fist
  2. Pronefighting
  3. Choke Hold
  4. Hurl
  5. Choose one Kick
  6. Blind
  7. Great Blow


  1. Meditation
  2. Weapon Catch
  3. Weapon Breaker, Resist Domination
  4. Arrow Cutting
  5. Quickstrike
  6. Disarm
  7. Hand Parry


  1. Meditation, Crescent Kick, Feint
  2. Elbow Strike, Instant Stand
  3. Knee Strike, Axe Kick, Leap
  4. Balance, Flying Kick
  5. Backhand, Quickstrike, Stunning Blow, Double Kick
  6. Palm, Incapacitator, Back Kick
  7. Hand Parry


  1. Iron Fist, Sweep, Feint
  2. Elbow Strike, Roundhouse Kick
  3. Back Hand, Knee Strike
  4. Backhand, Snap Kick, Jump Kick
  5. Double Kick
  6. Palm, Flying Kick
  7. Power Punch

Martial Arts C


  1. Iron Fist
  2. Pronefighting
  3. Choke Hold
  4. Crescent Kick, Pain Touch
  5. Stunning Touch
  6. Flying Kick
  7. Incapacitation


  1. Pronefighting
  2. Choke Hold
  3. Pain Touch, Hurl
  4. Great Throw
  5. Immovability, Incapacitator
  6. Immobilizing
  7. Crushing Drop

Martial Arts D


  1. Iron Fist
  2. Crushing Blow
  3. Locking Block
  4. Palm
  5. Speed
  6. Backhand
  7. Eagle Claw

Martial Arts E


  1. Pronefighting, Fall, Choke Hold
  2. Disarm, Locking Block, Limb Paralysis
  3. Spatial Awareness, Resist Domination, Arrow Cutting
  4. Hurl, Sticking Touch, Weapon Catch, Blind
  5. Blindfighting, Weapon Breaker, Incapacitation, Backhand
  6. Quickstrike, Immobilizing, Back Hand
  7. Hand Parry, Speed


  1. Pronefighting, Fall
  2. Feint, Instant Stand
  3. Hurl, Choke Hold, Crescent Kick
  4. Roundhouse Kick, Blindfighting
  5. Axe Kick, Leap
  6. Incapacitator, Great Throw
  7. Hand Parry


  1. Iron Fist, Spatial Awareness, Light Step
  2. Pronefighting, Fall, Blindfighting, Sweep
  3. Leap, Snap Kick, Hurl
  4. Quickstrike
  5. Suppressed Desire, Palm
  6. Hand Parry, Incapacitator
  7. Sticking Touch

Martial Arts Maneuvers

Table 3.
Iron Fist +1CS to damage with each fist attack.
Crushing Blow +2CS to Strength for purpose of breaking objects.
Eagle Claw Takes two attacks or only attack, Causes +2CS damage.
Double Fist 2 Normal attacks, If both hit then victim makes Endurance check or stunned for 1-10 rds.
Thunder Punch Only action, Causes +2CS damage and requires red Endurance check or stunned for 1-10 rds.
Thunder Clap Shatters matter with Material Strength -2CS less than your strength within 10'. Causes -1CS Strength damage.
Power Punch Requires 2 attacks or only action, Causes +2CS damage and automatic slam.
Backhand Normal damage to opponent behind you with no penalties to hit.
Palm Normal damage and requires Endurance check at -2CS to resist stun.
Ridgehand +1CS damage and Slam/Stun check as if Endurance was 3CS less.

Back Normal damage to opponent behind you with no penalty to hit.
Crescent +1CS damage
Axe +2CS damage and opponent must roll vs. Endurance or be knocked to the ground.
Hook +1CS damage and -1CS to opponents defense roll.
Roundhouse +2CS damage
Snap Normal damage with a -1CS to opponents defense roll.
Scissor 1 attack roll to hit 2 opponents within 6' of each other with normal damage to each.
Double 2 attacks at one opponent, if both hit then opponent is slammed automatically.
Flying +2CS damage and requires a 5' running start and is the only attack possible for the round.
Sweep To avoid sweep you must dodge completely or roll red Endurance check vs. slam or fall to the ground.
Jump +1CS damage, attack strikes the head or shoulders, treat yellow hit roll as red.

Choke Hold The victim must roll yellow or red Endurance FEAT to remain conscious. If fail, KO for 1-10 rd's.
Locking Block As defense maneuver: +1CS to Strength for block & +1 color shift. Hold = normal strength
As attack maneuver: +2CS to Strength for hold & -1CS to escape
Incapacitator Normal damage and opponent rolls Endurance feat vs. Strength +1CS or limb is useless for 24 hours.
Hook +1CS damage and -1CS to opponents defense roll.
Immobilizing 1 attack causing no damage. Opponent is at -3CS to escape and can not attack. Holder may attack with one hand
Crushing Hug +2CS damage and -2CS to escape roll. You must be large to use this maneuver.

Fall ½ damage from falls and needs to make no Endurance rolls to check for broken limbs.
Instant Stand Regain feet with out losing any action.
Hurl +1CS damage and green Endurance check or stunned, also thrown 1-10 ft.
Great Throw +2CS damage and roll Endurance check at -1CS or stunned, also thrown 1-10 ft.
Crushing Drop +2CS damage and Endurance check vs. stun or stunned for 1-10 rd.'s

Concentrated Normal damage and opponent is knocked back 1' per point of Strength.
Sticking Touch 1 attack at no damage, if successful all following attacks are at +2CS to hit and -1CS to opponents defense.
One Finger As concentrated push but with no contact. Range is no more than 2 areas
Reflection Used as an evasion, redirects an opponents melee attack to an adjacent area.

Pain Touch Target must roll red Endurance feat to avoid -2CS to all feats for 1-10 rd.'s do to pain.
Stunning Touch Target must roll red Endurance FEAT at -1CS to avoid being stunned for 1-10 round's.
Paralyzing Touch Target must roll red Endurance FEAT at -2CS to avoid being stunned for 1-10 round's.
Shatter Touch Shatter's an object at +2CS to your Strength.

Blind Normal damage attack, above the eyes. 25% chance to blind opponent for 1-10 round's.
Vein Causes normal damage and causes additional damage every round until tended. Does 1 Health point/rd.
Arteries Same as vein above but damage is three points/rd.

Heavy Blow +1CS damage
Limb Paralysis With weapon doing normal damage can also cause paralysis (see Paralyzing touch under Vitals).
Stunning Blow Normal damage and requires red Endurance roll or stunned for 1-10 round's.
Great Blow 2 attacks or only attack, causes +2CS damage and requires red Endurance FEAT or KO for 1-10 round's.

Weapon Catch Use weapon or hand with Excellent protection to catch/block opponents weapon.
Weapon Breaker Must catch weapon as above then may break it with yellow Strength feat at Str. +2CS
Steel Cloth Use a scarf or similar cloth as a weapon 6'10" in length, does Strength -1CS damage.
Arrowcutting Agility roll at Amazing rank to block missile weapons slower than bullets granting Excellent protection.
Disarm Additional +1CS to Fighting to remove weapon from opponent.

Feint Opponent must roll against a normal attack from you. If you succeed you get +2CS to your following attack and +1 color shift.
Pronefighting No penalty for fighting on the ground and opponent gains no bonuses.
Immovability Uses 1 action, gives a +2CS to resist slams and stuns with a +1CS.
Leap +1CS standing jump and +2CS running jump.
Missile Deflection
  • +2CS to dodge and -1CS to opponents attack roll.


  • May evade missile attacks with +2CS to Fighting.
Speed Double move rate and attacks for 5 rounds and requires 1-10 round's rest after use.
Slow Resistance +1CS to resist stun or KO.
Featherwalk At ½ move rate opponent gets -3CS to tracking and hearing.
Light Step ¼ move rate, leave no tracks and move in total silence.
Great Shield May block or evade all blows & missile attacks using either Agility or Fighting at +3CS. Automatically evades the best attack with no roll needed. Requires all actions except 1

Meditation 1 hour of meditation equals 2 hours of sleep.
Spatial Awareness Aware of all in your immediate area to include behind you.
Resist Domination +1CS vs. any mental attack and some magical attacks.
Blind Fighting Only penalty is -1CS to FEAT’s in complete darkness.
Iron Skin Gives Good protection against physical attacks (admin discretion).
Stillness Allows absolute motionless for 1 hour plus Endurance rank in minutes.
Balance +1CS to any action requiring good balance (admin discretion).
Summon Strength 2 rd.'s of concentration increases Str. +1CS for 1-10 rd.'s, must rest 1 turn after use.
Contortion +3CS to escape bonds or fit through spaces as small as 1 sq. ft. and hide in places as small as 4 sq. ft.
Controlled Breathing +2CS to any feat for 1 rd and gives Good protection vs. heat and cold permanently.
Pause 1 rd concentration to find weakness in style giving additional +1CS to Fighting. Must roll yellow Intuition check at +1CS to find weakness.
Resuscitation Use pressure points for 1 rd to bring stunned or KO person back to consciousness.
Suppressed Desire Go with out food, water, or sleep for ½ Endurance number in days with no penalties.
Quick Strike +2 to initiative rolls.

Special Maneuvers
Ear Clap 2 normal attacks with normal damage that if both hit, opponent must roll red Endurance check or stunned for 1-10+2 round's.
Elbow Strike No penalty to strike opponent behind you and -1CS to opponent's defense.
Hand Parry Can block any melee attack with bare hands, a successful result is automatically upgraded to red equaling a +1CS to Strength in protection.
Head Butt Normal damage and -1CS to opponent's defense.
Knee Strike Normal damage and -2CS to opponent's defense if done to the front.